Are you one of those adult coloring book fans but willing to take it to another level? That level is the level of making your own coloring book. This could be an exciting journey for you because you will not only color awesome looking art but also create it. So how do you go about this interesting activity? Outlined below are a few useful tips.

1.      Brainstorm a few ideas

Think of the coloring book that you want to create and determine whether it will be a good choice in the end and what you intend to accomplish by it. You could start by choosing a theme which will greatly depend on the purpose of creating the book in the first place. Ask yourself questions like whether the book is just a fun project to explore your creativity or if you are going to put it up for sale.  If the coloring book is just for the purpose of having fun, then you will have no rules and you can get as crazy or wild as you want with your creation. The only thing you need to do in either instance is find your inspiration and run with it.

However, if you happen to want to make a little income from selling your coloring content, then you will need to create content with some form of cohesion and theme.  Think of for example creating coloring books to target aircraft lovers, people with that vulgar sense of humor, nature lovers, fantasy creature and fairy tale enthusiasts and so on. Identify your target audience and create a coloring book that many of them will find appealing enough to buy.

2.      Choose a title

After doing research and settling on an idea, it is time to choose a relevant title. As you choose your title, you will need to incorporate some keywords especially if you are planning to go e-commerce with your coloring book. You could, for example, use words like “For adults”, “Calm” “mystic” and so on within your title if you are targeting a certain audience. But if it is just an adult coloring book for yourself, you can name it whatever makes you happy.

3.      Consider various binding methods

As much as it may seem too early to consider a binding method since printing will be one of the final steps of your coloring book creation, it is a very important thing to consider. Remember that the binding method you choose will determine other factors such as page count and size.  You will need to know the page account and size before you begin creating your coloring book drawings. You can consider the perfect bound binding, the spiral binding, and the saddle stitch binding which are further explained.

a.      Perfect bound binding

This is the form of binding where the book is a softcover book with the pages glued together at the spine. If you want a professional and sleek look, then this is the binding style to choose especially if you are creating an adult coloring book for sale. This form of binding also allows you to create many coloring pages.

b.    The Spiral Bound binding

This form of binding allows for the best coloring experience. This is because each adult coloring page is able to rotate 360 degrees around the metal coil and it also allows you to easily take off a page to color if you want to and return it when you are done. The method also allows anyone coloring the book to lay the book flat on a surface for an easier coloring experience.

c.       Saddle stitch

This is a good option for certain themes of adult coloring books. Themes like comic or fan fiction could be ideal for this form of binding. This is a very affordable form of binding compared to the others, making it ideal if you happen to have a small budget.

4.      Decide on the page limit.

Deciding on the number of pages is one way of guaranteeing that you will complete the coloring book project. First, consider the amount of work you want to put into creating an adult coloring book. Think of the time and effort you will require to make your coloring book a reality and set a timeline. For example, you can decide that you will do a single drawing every day or two drawings per week. This will, of course, depend on how detailed you want the illustrations to be.

After that, you can determine how many pages of drawings you want to create and how long it will take to complete them. You could even set a date that you would love to have finished by then. Whatever you decide, creating a timeline is important.

5.      The page size

Before you begin your drawings consider the page size you want the coloring book to contain. Having an understanding of the page size is important because you don’t want a case of drawing on an 8.5” x11” paper but have chosen to go with a 6” x 6” and had part of your drawing cut off. In case you decide that you will use graphic design for the creation of your artwork, then you will need to the page size beforehand for accurate file set-up.

6.      Double or Single-Sided

Most coloring books are usually double-sided but the truth is that the single-sided format allows for better user experience. This is because double-sided pages tend to leave the colors bleeding through to the other side causing damage to the drawing on the next page. Unless the page is of thicker paper stock and bleeding won’t affect it, going for a single-side would be a better option. Also, if you are planning to frame your drawings after you complete coloring them, then a single-sided coloring book would be the best option.  The same applies if you intend to put up your adult coloring book for sale, some customers might also want to hang up their drawings in a frame after they are done coloring.

Do you want to make an adult coloring book? don’t let anything stop you, begin with ideas and follow the tips above to create the most amazing collection of artwork waiting to be given color.

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