Adult coloring books are becoming popular and many adult coloring book addicts are rising. Do you happen to be one of them? Do you see a coloring book and are already thinking about how to create a colorful image with crayons? Well, it is not like when you were a kid when you just took any color and colored the images. Now you are an adult with understanding and you want to do these coloring books well. It is actually therapeutic in terms of relieving stress and not to mention that it is a lot of fun.

Besides you don’t need to always use wax or pencil crayons to color the adult coloring book pages. There are many creative ways on how to color adult coloring books and they are as follows.

Learn How To Color In Adult Coloring Books

1. An Intricate Coloring Wonderland

You can color your coloring book using ink.  All you need are different pen strokes such as hatching and cross or hatching and tiny pattern to create this special intricate look.  When you are done, the page will be artistically different. It would be as if you worked in tandem with the adult coloring book illustrator to create the artwork on the page. But this method will depend on the image and how you want to portray it.

2. Use Paint

Instead of using pencils and crayons, you can opt to take your coloring to a whole new level. Just apply several of those delicate and translucent tones to the book page and watch the images transform as the page dries. Paint especially if it’s a watercolor will provide that soft effect and give the pages a new look that is very different from the crayoned ones.  To achieve the best results with this method just remove the page you are working on from the book in order to prevent a case where the colored liquid seeps through to the illustrated other pages. You can also use removable tape to hold it in place on a firm surface as you work on it.

3. Stunning Pages With Lush Layers

A colored pencil can also work wonders and create out-of-this-world coloring pages. You simply use the colored pencils to build layers one color at a time. Creating layers with one color at a time allows you great control over value and color consistency. In the end, this results to luminous and stunning coloring book pages that is if you apply the layering criteria to the whole book.

4. Texture And Character With Indenting.

This is a fun way of adding texture and character to the illustrations on your adult coloring book pages. Begin by removing the page you want to work on or if you don’t want to do that, you can always insert this rigid backing to prevent the other pages from coming into contact with the texture you are adding and getting messed up.

Look for a sheet of tracing paper and put it over the image. Next, use a pen or pencil to indent the image you want to work one. By indenting on the image using your pencil or pen, you will be enabling you coloring medium to leave these white outlines on areas of the image that indented. In short, the effect of indenting becomes visible when you color resulting in beautiful texture and great character on the image.

5. Pop Art With Markers

Transform your coloring book pages and make them pop by using markers for coloring. Again you will have to use a thick board behind the page you are working on to prevent the other pages from soaking in the ink from the marker.  Use the markers to make the bold patterns pop by filling them in.

6. Employ A Monochromatic Palette.

Just the same way you add that antique filter on your photos should be the same way you apply black and white on your coloring book. You can use different tools such as a pencil, marker and pain then choose palettes that you think will suit the illustration of every page you will be working on. You can use a palette of greys or browns to create that “antiqued” feel and look making the color book images appear more of hand drawn paintings.

7.     A Rubbing Goes A Long Way.

This is a great way of adding uniqueness to your coloring book pages. You only have to use a textured object under the page are you are coloring and need a texture on. Then shade the area or the whole page if the object covers it to create this cool textured effect on the whole coloring page.

8. The art of blocking

This is a lovely way of creating that cool distressed effect on your coloring page illustrations.  Simply take a white colored pencil or crayon then make colored sketches on areas of your image. You can then apply a watercolor wash on top and the pain will not soak in the colored areas resulting in the cool look of the page.

9. Color Creatively

If you just love to color the images using good old crayons, then be creative and make the illustrations as realistic as possible. Color the people to look like people and the landscapes to look absolutely stunning. Give colors where they should go and let everyone who looks at the image nod in approval. Let it be said that the illustration was created for those very colors that you have used.

10. Always use the best coloring tools

Just like with doing anything, consider the best tools for the coloring job.  Look for the best quality crayons, markers, watercolors or whatever that you are using. Ensure that your coloring tools are transforming the adult coloring book into a collection of the most appealing artwork.

Now that you know the various ways that you can color and adult coloring book, go ahead and relieve stress by having fun adding beauty and art to the illustrations on the books that you will buy.

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