The adult coloring phenomenon has become very popular and currently, these coloring books are not just for children. They can be seen displayed everywhere from retail stores, bookshops, airports, online stores and in places where there are hawkers, they are being on the streets too.

These adult coloring books are a little different from the children’s coloring books. They have this higher quality paper, intricate designs, and more variety when it comes to themes.  Whatever you would love to color you will find it in the selection of coloring books, whether its flowers, animals, cities, countryside landscapes, mandalas, swear words, or characters from your favorite media shows.

The benefits

But how exactly does one benefit from coloring the adult coloring books? People are not just coloring for no reason and the benefits explain why these books have become very popular. A few benefits that come with this activity are as follows.

1.     Help Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Numerous studies have shown that coloring adult books is a therapeutic activity that can be beneficial when it comes to promoting wellness, quietness, and calmness of the mind. This stress-free activity is known to relax the part of the brain known as the Amygdala which is the fear center of the brain. This allows the mind to rest. Just like meditating, coloring will allow you to block other thoughts from your brain and focus only on the moment. By focusing on the single activity of coloring, the mind finally reaches a peaceful state where the problems of life disappear from our awareness for a while. The body and the mind find such a calm state of consciousness very rewarding.

2.     Improves Focus And Encourages Creativity

Today it is not uncommon to see students coloring at a college campus or adults with a coloring book at the workplace. Studies have also shown that the shortest of coloring sessions can greatly help in improving focus and sparking creativity. Coloring for adults has been known to unleash inner creativity. It is not uncommon to see an office executive hanging a picture of their coloring creations as part of the wall décor in their lush-looking office.

3.     Improves Fine Motor  Skills

 When you color, you think about things like balance, color choice and that act of applying color to the illustrations on paper.  By coloring, we train our brains on working on problem-solving skills and improving motor skills. The activity is like one of those brain games that keeps the mind busy. There will not be a dull moment when you are coloring because the brain will be in a happily active state and not because of stress.

4.     Provides Opportunities For Socializing

Adult coloring books are becoming a popular hobby which is turning into a social one. There now exist coloring parties taking place in coffee shops, bars, homes, and even online coloring meetings. It is becoming a lovely way of spending time off with friends and family. All you need is lots of coloring books and crayons, friends and a cup of coffee.

5.     Nurtures The Inner Artist

When you are coloring that book with several of those intricately crafted designs it is just as if you are working alongside a talented artist as their assistant. The artist has already drawn the illustrations and you are helping them color their designs. You then become just as creative as the artist because you are giving color to the beautiful but colorless creations.

6.     Helps you age gracefully

Adult book coloring is a physical activity that helps you maintain manual agility which has been known to reduce the more a person ages. Libraries and bookstores, as well as people, are hosting coloring events to encourage this activity. Most people who do a lot of adult coloring have reported experiencing more joy and better health in their lives.

7.     You can color on the go

There are probably countless times when you have been stuck at an airport or a waiting room with lots of times in your hands. You might not like reading and don’t want to spend time with a phone screen on social media like all the people around you. An adult coloring book is an answer in this case. It will help you combat your boredom as you wait.

It doesn’t have to be during waiting periods, it could also be a daily activity which you do before lunch, as soon as you wake up or before you go to sleep.  If that is the case you can pack your adult coloring book wherever you go. Whether it’s that business trip, vacation, babysitting, when on a flight, when you are relaxing at the coffee shop or when you are just visiting someone for a couple of days.

You can color on the go without any problem. In fact, travel gear companies are even recognizing the desire of travelers to color on the go and they are now fitting their travel cases with colored pencil sets to make the activity more convenient.

8.     Adult coloring is fun

Apart from the obvious health benefits of adult coloring, there is one fact about this activity that cannot be disputed. It is fun, easy, inexpensive and a great way to interact with your kids and friends. It is fun which why it is one activity that you will want to do for a long time. The moment you will pick up those markers, you will find it hard to put them down. Just be careful because you might not realize how time is passing because you will be having so much fun.

9.     Helps combat the invasive nature of technology

If you are one of those people who love their mobile device and are always online on social media whenever you are not working, realize that that is not right. If you are trying to combat your addictive cell phone and internet activities and are looking for hobbies that will help you unplug, coloring is one effective hobby. As you unwind by doing the coloring, you are able to focus on something else other than your online followers or friends’ status updates. It could even be a great way of preventing you from posting those weird posts if you are notorious for doing that and want to stop.

As seen above adult coloring books are very beneficial. So next time you are getting coloring books for your kids or just shopping for your home library consider looking at the adult coloring book section and pick a couple of them and prepare to have fun!

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